Dragon city breeding calculator

Dragon city breeding

Breeding means the mating of two different individuals to have an offspring. Similarly, when you enter dragons and their levels in the breeding calculator. Then the calculator will show, what type of offspring you are about to get. Thus this all article, will act as complete guide for dragon city breed calculator, so that you updated with all the details relating to it.

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How to calculate breed element dragons

Element dragons, are special type of dragons which needs gold coins from the build menu. Please take a note, that legends is the only element that is not considered elemental in this section. The other elements like flame, sea, nature and electric can be made available with the purchase of gold. In dragon city, elemental dragons are only species that forms the base of the hierarchy. They just cannot breed with opposite elements. Some of them are flame opposite ice, sea opposite war, nature opposite electric and finally light opposite dark. There are some of the methods that needs to be followed while breeding elemental dragons, which will be discussed in the next section

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