Dragon city breeding calculator

Dragon city breeding

Breeding means the mating of two different individuals to have an offspring. Similarly, when you enter dragons and their levels in the breeding calculator. Then the calculator will show, what type of offspring you are about to get. Thus this all article, will act as complete guide for dragon city breed calculator, so that you updated with all the details relating to it.

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How to calculate breed element dragons

Element dragons, are special type of dragons which needs gold coins from the build menu. Please take a note, that legends is the only element that is not considered elemental in this section. The other elements like flame, sea, nature and electric can be made available with the purchase of gold. In dragon city, elemental dragons are only species that forms the base of the hierarchy. They just cannot breed with opposite elements. Some of them are flame opposite ice, sea opposite war, nature opposite electric and finally light opposite dark. There are some of the methods that needs to be followed while breeding elemental dragons, which will be discussed in the next section

Method 1

If element that is present in both the dragon is corresponding, then the result can be elemental. This mean faming rock can be bedded with volcano to produce an elemental dragon. Gaming experts, say that this is the most common way of breeding elemental dragons

Method 2

If the combination, of both the parents’ dragon are not positive then there is no formation of dragons, in this case, by default, an elemental dragoon can be formed. For example, imagine breeding of war and pure dragon, the result is no possible dragon. In this case, an elemental dragon will be formed which will have the characteristics of either water or a pure dragon.

How to calculate hybrid dragons?

The breeding of hybrids is much easier than breeding an element dragon. In order to breed a hybrid dragon, please ensure that one element is present in each of the parent dragon. In order to breed rare hybrids, you would need two elements. Now for instance sea and water cannot be breaded with each other, since both of them contains elements which are nit same. The outcome will be rare hybrid dragon. The simplest way to breed hybrid dragons is through the mating of parents. You can breed a platinum dragon with flame dragon and the result will be rare hybrid. Please note any hybrid dragon which is under level 15 is always breedable.

How to breed a legend dragon

Legend dragons can be created, if you breed two hybrid dragons. Once the legend dragon is created, it becomes a wildcard. The legend dragon is a powerful dragon which cause a lot of battle win during matches.

How to breed pure dragon?

With the war update, breeding a pure dragon was made easy. Meaning a pure dragon can be created by breeding with pure dragon parent and a hybrid. Pure dragon are at the top of the hierarchy. So exchanging legend dragon with a pure dragon is not an advisable choice. If you are new player and want a pure dragon then it is readily available in the guild menu. Another way of buying a pure dragon can be taking the help from the black market. The black market provides pure dragon from time to time and but it can be little expensive.

How to breed level exclusives?

There has been a big change that has been announced from the last update. Before this update the only way to build a level exclusive was to breed it with the corresponding element. Now the breeding is only allowed from the build menu. In order to have level exclusive, you need to have a two level exclusive dragon with the highest rate of elements. Once done, you will become a wildcard member which can be very helpful for battling your opponent.

Final thoughts

Dragon city breeding calculator is an absolute beat when you want to know which dragons are comfortable with which one. Using this calculator, you would know that flame and ice dragon cannot be with each other since they have opposite elements. Thus the calculator acts a complete guide

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