How to sign into Xbox Live on Xbox 360

Xbox is gaming consoles that offer online gameplay to users. You can play the game online by connecting console either wireless or a wired Internet connection. Xbox, Xbox One and Xbox360 use the services of Xbox Live network for playing online games. There is an option of the limited free version as well as Xbox Live Gold membership that can purchase from websites. Xbox Live is available for Xbox 360 gaming consoles, Windows PC and Windows devices. Xbox live you an array of high definition streaming content like music, games, TV shows, events, and much more. Also, check Xbox live codes

What Xbox Live offers

  • If you are a hardcore fan of games, you can connect unlimited online multiplayer game with your friends in the world through Xbox Live.
  • It gives you the option of downloading and playing free demo games.
  • A user can Catchup elite member deals and previews.
  • For a sports fan, they can enjoy ESPN, NBA Game Time, UFC, MLB TV.
  • For music lovers, they can listen to personalized music by connecting to iHeartRadio and Xbox Music.
  • You can download arcade and complete Xbox 360 games.
  • Get enriched entertainment gaming and entertainment experience by using your phone or tablet as the second screen with Xbox live.
  • You can enjoy movies, Netflix, HBO Go, Amazon Instant Video, Hulu Plus, and much more.
  • You can surf the web on your TV with the help of Internet Explorer.
  • It works on your voice command to get games, music, shows, and movies with Kinect.
  • You can access your cloud games and save anytime and anywhere.
  • These services can be limited to a free membership, while for gold membership, the options of advanced content but with subscription fees.

How to connect Xbox Live to your Xbox 360

Make sure you are connected to an Internet connection with wired of a wireless network to enjoy Xbox Live services. Getting connected with Xbox live merely takes a few minutes and you can play online games with multiple other options.

  • Connect your Xbox 360 to the Internet connection.

Xbox 360 has Ethernet port available on the backside of the device; you can connect it with router or modem.
Once you have connected the cable go to Settings-> Network Settings-> Wired settings-> Wired Network and ->Test Xbox connection.

For Wireless option

Xbox 360 S and Xbox 360 E includes built-in WiFi while Xbox needs a WiFi adapter to be installed.
Open guide menu from Dashboard by clicking on the Xbox Guide icon.
Go to Settings then Systems.
Choose Network Settings.

Opt for wireless network available in the list.
Add the wireless password.
If the network is not in the list, go to Advanced Options and specify the unlisted system.
Once you have configured the network, you need to connect with Xbox Live.

Once the connection is established, you need to check the updates if available.

  • Once you have successfully signed up for Xbox, you can go to Guide icon and open Dashboard. If you have not signed up for Xbox, you can initiate the process of account creation by clicking on “join Xbox Live.”Enter the Microsoft account credentials for signing up.
    Enter the information like name, age, and other security information for the process. Xbox Live Gold membership gives you the freedom to access games and other in-store services. For most games and store services, you can purchase a subscription.
  • When you create your account, you would be redirected for assigning a tag known as “Gamertag,”that is an online name for accessing the Xbox live network. You would have the option of selecting the name and using it.


The Xbox Live gaming consoles adds an advantage of playing online on the Xbox 360 system either in wired or wireless Internet connection. The free version of Xbox live comes with limited functionality while the paid version offers additional content and features.

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