How to Get Free dragon city Points

Today’s games are all about competing and going up at various levels.  These levels could be either in skill, difficulty, and creativity. So this makes the player all the more inquisitive and interested in playing.  One such game available today is the Dragon City Game. 

This game is wholly and totally connected with Dragons.  As the name gives away the indication, this game is all about building a city of dragons.  There are many floating islands provided and so the player has to construct a city for the dragons.

This includes building suitable accommodations for the various dragons, also has to construct farms so that the dragons can get enough food.  In addition, there is an option for breeding special and strong dragons as well by mixing and matching.    

The main idea behind all this activity is to make the dragons strong and sturdy so that they can win in the battle against other dragons.  As the reader might have guessed by now, all these activities require in-game money. 

In Dragon City Terms, it means gems or gold.  So definitely the player will be looking out for ways to earn more gems and gold.  There are many ways to earn gems and gold.

One such method is by playing the mini dragon city games.  By playing these games on the side, the player can receive some rare prizes.   However, a note of caution. 

The mini-games are a lot like a gamble.  Sometimes the player may end up losing the very gems he has saved in the long run.   Three are many options such as dragon city cheats by:

  1. Winter Casino – it’s a slot machine game wherein the player can collect various items.  Totally there are about 8 different items to win. Each time the payer spins he can get 3 items.  A player gets two free spins every 12 hours.
  2. Wheel of Fortune – this is another spinning roulette point gathering game.  There are two types of spin modes.  The normal spin has from one chip to 20 chips and one is bankruptcy.  The Royal Spin mode has 2, 5, 10, 15, 20 and one Double Chip.  All these spins cost some gems
  3. Dragon City Black market – As the name itself denotes, it’s a box opening game for some obtaining some unique dragons.  There are about 6 dragons in a mysterious boxes.  Each box has a cost of some different amount of gems.   Some of these boxes are known to contain unique dragons.
  4. Dragon Potions – this is a Random Box which on opening gives certain points.  Here the timing is very important
  5. Dragon Carnival Game – this is guessing the game of dragon shadows and thereby winning prizes.  This requires a lot of knowledge and skill.  To become perfect in this game there are dragon city Carnival practice tools.  This will help the player to surely win many prizes.

Overall, there are many ways still to win prizes or points in the Dragon City game. So enjoy free spinning and winning the game.

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