How to create a PlayStation Network Account

create a PlayStation Network Account

PSN or Playstation Network is a popular gaming and digital media entertainment service. To put it simply, it is a platform where you can buy and play online multiplayer games.

Sony Corporation owns and operates the Playstation Network that provides game hacks. From children to adult PSN is getting attention from everyone.

In the beginning, the Playstation network was created to support the PS3 game console. However, Sony upgraded the features of this network and now it can be accessed from other devices as well.

The games and other contents like movies, music, shows, etc. are also streamable in the PSN.

Do you want to create a PSN account?

It is an easy task. By following our suggested tips you can get rid of all confusions. There are several ways you can create a Playstation Network account. The great thing is, access is not limited to a single medium. Playstation sign-up from one platform allows you to access it from various other platforms.

Playstation Network Sign Up process is the easiest from a computer. You can also do this task from your PS4, PS3, console devices, etc. We will share steps of how to create a Playstation account below.

Open Sony Playstation Account On A Computer

  • Visit the website of Sony Entertainment Network and click on the Create a New Account
  • A new page will pop up. This page will ask for some important information like birth date, email address, gender, location, etc. Fill up this field and select a solid password to secure your Playstation account login.
  • After completing all that, a page will appear to seek your confirmation. Select I Agree. Create My Account and proceed.
  • You will get a verification mail from this website and it will contain a link. Follow the procedure and verify your account.
  • To continue the process, go back to the website.
  • On the next page, select the Update Account and pick your Online ID. Now by filling all the requested information, you can update your PSN profile. Press Continue when you are done with each page and at the end click Finish.
  • A message will pop up and your account will be ready to access.

Open Playstation Network Account On PS4 Console

  • You will find a New User option on the screen while the console is ON and the control is still activated. Click on the plus sign of the New User tab and two options will appear. One of them is Create a User, select that and move to the next page.
  • An agreement page will emerge, accept the terms and the Playstation Network page will appear. Click Next, and proceed further.
  • A PSN Sign-in page will arrive since you want to join as a new user, click on the New to PSN? Create an Account
  • On the next page, click on Sign Up Now Provide all the information asked like password, email details, etc. and continue with the Next button.
  • A page with Avatar pictures will emerge, choose one of them for your profile. However, you can change that anytime.
  • Then, you have to set your account details like your user name which will be showcased publicly. You can choose different privacy sections for various activities.
  • Finally, accept the terms and get your new PSN account.

Open Playstation Network Account On PS3

  • Go to the Menu and choose Playstation Network then select Sign Up.
  • An option will appear- Create a New Account (New Users). A new page will occur, press Continue.
  • In the next page, fill up the initial details like date of birth, language, residence details, etc. and press Continue.
  • Terms of Service and User agreement page will open for your confirmation. Agree with them and proceed to the next page.
  • Then, the page will ask for your mail address and you have to create a new password for PSN sign in.
  • Then select your public user ID that will be shown to your fellow players while playing online.
  • Press Continue and a new page will appear that will ask to put your name and gender details and after that press Continue This time provide your location information and proceed to the next steps. This page will ask for your confirmation, there will be several settings that you can set by your preferences.
  • Now, select Continue and you can edit all the data you have entered before. If the information on your profile is alright, you can click Confirm.
  • After all that, a verification email will appear in your mailbox. This mail will contain a link, click through that to verify the account.
  • Now go back to the Playstation and select
  • To go back to the Home screen, you need to choose Proceed to Playstation Store. Here you can log-in with your new PSN account id and password.

Open Playstation Network On a PS Vita or PS TV

  • Turn on your device and select the Settings icon present on the home screen. Now, click the Start button.
  • Several options will pop on the screen. Select the Playstation Network
  • A Sign-Up button will appear, therefore, click it.
  • In the next pages, you have to put your information just like the other methods. Simply follow the steps and create your PSN account without any hassle.

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How To Delete PSN Account? Is It Even Possible?

If you want to delete your PSN account permanently, then I am afraid the process is quite complicated. No user can directly delete their account. To complete this process, you have to contact the employees of the Playstation Network via their website.

Some information about your account is required for deleting the account such as Online ID, Sign in Email, Security information. Point to be noted, if you delete the account you will lose claim over all the purchased content and everything linked to this account.

By following these instructed steps you can easily open your Playstation Network account and enjoy your favorite games and media content. Whether you are an online gamer or a parent who wants to monitor their children, a PSN account can give you tons of benefits.

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