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If you are looking for the best games online, then you have reached the right place. In this post, we are discussing about Dragon City game which is the most popular multiplayer game on the internet.

When you are playing the Dragon City game for the first time, you might it difficult to understand the dragon breeding. The main part of the dragon city game play is dragon breeding. In this post, you can find the complete dragon city breeding guide that will help you to win any battle.

Dragon City breeding is all about the process of mating two parent dragons to produce a new dragon egg. This egg comes with the powers of both parent dragon elements.

When the elemental dragons are reproduced from different breeds, then they come with rare powers which further breeding creates rare or legendary dragons. You can find the complete dragon city guide in this post.

You can also find the best breeding chart for your dragon city game that helps you to figure out how to breed the dragons. You can also get the dragon city mod apk file from the Dragon City website. Without proper guidance, you will not know how to breed and what are the best combinations to do that. We are sure that you will find our guide helpful and we make sure that our post is always up to date.


Dragon City Elements are available in 8 basic elements for the dragons in the game. To start the breeding in your game, you need to have these basic building blocks. As you do not have parents to generate and mate these dragons, you have to purchase the dragon city eggs. The below are some of the basic dragons which you need to know:

  • Nature Dragon
  • Flame Dragon
  • Terra Dragon
  • Sea Dragon
  • Electric Dragon
  • Ice Dragon
  • Metal Dragon
  • Dark Dragon
  • Archangel Dragon or Light Dragon
  • War Dragon
  • Pure Dragon


Once you get these above dragons, you will have the chance to breed a new type to generate a rare and legendary dragon.

The rare and legendary dragons are the weapons to win various battles with their inherent skills.

There is no set of a formula of the resultant egg since the game structure decides it randomly. However, in this article, you will find all the possible outcome of mating various parent dragon.


Each element you find has its own habitats. When you get the dragon, initially the habitat has a low gold capacity of 500. However, the Terra dragon will have high gold earned. If you are able to generate Sea habitat, then you can have higher gold capacity with almost 7500. However, the Sea dragon has low gold/min potential.

To overcome this, you can breed these two dragons together to get either waterfall or mud dragon so that they can be placed in the Sea habitat. Here are some results of dragon city breeding calculator:

  1. Terra + Flame = Flaming Rock or Volcano or Aztec
  2. Terra + Nature = Tropical or Cactus or Centipede
  3. Terra + Sea = Mud or Waterfall or Plankton
  4. Terra + Electric = Star or Chameleon or Sky
  5. Terra + Light = Justice
  6. Terra + War = Colossal
  7. Terra + Pure = Pure Terra or Ivory
  8. Terra + Ice = Alpine or Snow Flake or Great White
  9. Terra + Dark = Hedgehog or Venom or Bat


This chart clearly explains that if you want to get a rare and legendary dragon, you need to make sure that you are breeding the elements with at least one legendary dragon. You can earn plenty of gold if you place most of your dragons in the best habitats. If you are not an active player, then we suggest you to not have too many Terra habitats.


By placing your dragons in the habitat, you can earn Gold. For every dragon, you can earn a certain amount of gold/min. You will have to level up your dragons by feeding them food so that you can increase the amount of gold/min they earn.


In the Dragon City game, food is the main important as you need to feed your dragons. For this, you need to build farms that will help you to get the food. Then you can upgrade these farms to grow more food. The best way to grow the food with the gold at the beginning of the game is the 3- second dragon bell.

Once you earn enough gold, you can grow whatever food you like. If you have enough food, then only you can breed the dragons and make them stronger.

Tips & Tricks to earn Free Gems:

The essential currency in the Dragon City game is gems. These are used to reduce the time-consuming process which is egg-hatching. Gems are also used for hatchery, upgrading and the combination tree. Though you can purchase them with your real money, there are still some ways to get them for free. Why not try them if you can get it for free? Let’s get to know about dragon city cheats:

  • Do you know that when you level-up you can get free gems? Each time you level-up your game, you can earn free gems. For every level you increase, you can win 1 gem.
  • When you login daily you can earn gems. So always make sure to not miss the chance to win gems by logging in. If you log in regularly, you have the chance of getting bigger rewards. For suppose, if you login in the consecutively for five days, then on the fifth day of the week, you can earn 3 free gems.
  • -You can participate in the Dragon League Tournament in the Combat World that is located at the bottom right side of the game page. You can make use of your dragons when you want to fight with other player’s dragons. If you win the tournament, then you will be awarded 2 gems and a small amount of gold. You will have the chance to combat with 3 players for every 6 hours.
  • Make sure you don’t miss Monday rewards. You can win rewards and random gifts that help you to earn 4 gems. If you win the right prize, then you will also be rewarded with some gold along with gems.
  • Participate in different survey and shopping programs to earn gems. Although some might ask you to enter the credit/debit card and some personal information, you don’t have to worry about that.
  • Complete monsters and build a Dragon Stadium. You can use your dragons to fight against other player’s dragons in the stadium you have built. For every tournament you win, you can earn up to 2 gems. When you search for dragon city battle guide, you can find the combination dragons which might help you to win the battle.


Dragon Breeding structures:

Now, let’s get to know about the dragon breeding structure which plays a major role in the Dragon City game. The building is used to enhance the growth of your dragons. You can find the dragon city breeding chart when you watch the tutorial of the game. Once you reach certain levels, you can get important building such as:

Breeding Mountain:

This is the basic building that helps you to use it for breeding your dragons. Breeding Mountain is the first place where you can start breeding your dragon. This building will cost you around 50 gold, and later it can be upgraded to level 2 by paying 150 diamonds and 75000 XP.


Towers are unlocked when you reach level 10. This helps to increase the gold production of your dragons by 20% for every 4 hours.

Food Farm:

This is used for feeding your dragons so that they can grow fast and level up your game.


Expansion is the main game mechanic in the Dragon City game. It allows you to acquire more building space. You can purchase building spaces which are known as expansions.

Dragon Stadium:

This stadium is more useful to all the players of Dragon City. It helps you to increase your dragon’s strength and allows you to gain gems.


Temples allow your dragons to enhance your levels. You can find different temples which are Magic Temple, Noble Temple, Knight Temple, and Master Temple.

To build these temples you at least need to upgrade the level of your dragon to 15. For every 5 levels, you upgrade, you will be able to build these temples accordingly.

Ultra Breeding Tree:

You can purchase ultra-breeding tree when you reach level 15 at a cost of 100 diamonds. This tree helps you to speed up the breeding process. Though it is not necessary to build this tree, you can advance your game with this.


Crystals are the one where everyone looks up for. They help to improve your gold earning rate/min. However, when compared to crystals, legendary dragons are much better once you get your hands on one of them.

Breeding Sanctuary:

Breeding Sanctuary is the best place to create amazing things through the breeding process. However, to unlock this, you need to reach level 25.

Elemental Dragon consists of one element in their characteristics. When you breed two same elemental dragons the result will be the same elemental dragon. For suppose, if you breed two different results in a hybrid dragon. However, we cannot get to know what the resulting dragon would be.

You can get elemental dragon either through gold or can be obtained by breeding two-hybrid dragons. You can find the two resultants below through which the elemental dragons can be obtained.

-When you breed two-hybrid parent dragons where the element is present, there is a high chance of getting an elemental as a result.

-When you breed two elemental dragons which do not result in a hybrid, will might not return you with elemental dragon.

We have explained you the possible results of breeding two parental dragons. Let’s have a look at it so that you can improve and level up in your game.

Breeding Hybrid Dragons:

To produce hybrid dragons, you can breed two elemental dragons. Once you have mate two elemental dragons of a different kind, you can easily get hybrid dragons. Below are some of the combinations and resulting dragons of Hybrid dragons.

  • Terra + Flame = Flaming Rock or Volcano or Aztec
  • Flame + Sea = Cloud or Blizzard
  • Sea + Nature = Nenufar or Coral or Seahorse
  • Nature + Metal = Jade or Dragonfly or Emerald
  • Electric + Ice = Moose or Fluorescent or Prisma
  • Ice + Dark = Penguin
  • Metal + Light = Rainbow
  • Dark + War = Dark Stone
  • Archangel + Pure = None

Breeding Pure Dragons:

If you are a beginner, you can easily get the Pure Dragon by purchasing it in the market. Once you have a pure dragon, you can create pure hybrids by breeding them with each element.

  • Pure + Terra = Pure
  • Pure + Sea = Pure
  • Pure + War + Pure

Breeding Rare Hybrids:

You can produce rare hybrids by breeding them with two hybrid dragons. As the game structure select the result randomly of the rare hybrid dragons, there is no guarantee that you will get the rare hybrid dragons only.

Breeding Opposite Element hybrid:

Breeding opposing elements is not possible when your dragons are in the first generation. You can only breed opposite elements when the dragons are in the second-generation. You can breed two hybrid dragons to produce one opposite element dragon.

  • Soccer (Ice + Flame) = Snow flake + Volcano
  • Cool Fire (Flame + Ice) = Snow flake + Volcano
  • Ice&Fire (Level 15) (Flame + Ice) = Soccer + Soccer or Cool Fire + Cool Fire

Breeding Legendary Dragons:

Legends are the third generation of the breed. You can produce legendary dragons by breeding two rare hybrid dragons or one legend and one rare hybrid. Legendary take more time breed which means that when your breeding is taking more time, then you can expect a legendary dragon.

  • Legendary Dragon
  • Crystal Dragon
  • Wind Dragon
  • Mirror Dragon
  • Nirobi
  • Droconos

Wrapping Up:

Dragon City always comes up with new updates that keep its players engaged. In the future, you can also expect to produce completely unique dragons which might help you win every tournament. Never ever look for dragon city hack because most of them are fake websites.

We hope that you have enjoyed the post thoroughly. If you are looking for dragon city app, then you need to look it on the Dragon city official website. Don’t you find Dragon City as your favorite game? Then what are you waiting for! Go ahead.


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