Dragon City Breeding Guide with Pictures {Detailed Guide}

Dragon City Breeding Guide

Dragon city is a simulator game in which the user can hatch, breed and grow dragons. This interactive game got released in the year 2012 for several platforms like web, Android and iOS. 

With over 1000 types of dragons and 80 million dragon masters in the entire dragon city makes this game quite adventurous and interactive. The player needs to feed their dragons to upgrade them. Every unique type of dragon produces gold which is used to purchase habitat, farms etc.

The best part about the game is the breeding of dragons to get a new, unique dragon. Dragons are bred to increase gold, for getting powerful dragons for battle and completing the dragon book. The dragons need to be at level 4 to start breeding. 

Breeding Structures

Dragons are bred in structures like a breeding dome, breeding sanctuary, Hatchery, breeding tree etc. To breed some dragons, they require both the offsprings to be at a level exclusive.

Basic Breeding Dragons/ Generation 1 dragons

To breed dragons an initiating the process, the users need to purchase some elemental dragons which act as an offspring to produce different dragons. Some basic dragons are Dark dragon, metal dragon, terra dragon, flame dragon etc. 

Generation 2 Dragons

Breeding basic dragons result in generation two dragons having different characteristics. These dragons are also known as hybrid having two or more elements. Some of the combinations of basic dragon breeding are –

  • Terra + Light = Justice
  • Flame + Light = Sun
  • Sea + Pure = Pure Sea
  • Nature + War = Red Woods
  • Electric + War = Tesla
  • Ice + Pure = Pure Ice
  • Metal + War = Panzer
  • Dark + Pure = Pure Dark
  • Archangel + Flame = Sun
  • War + Electric = Tesla
  • Pure + Ice = Pure Ice

Users can also breed three as well as four dragons together too!

  • Terra + Dark + Electric = Zodiac Taurus 
  • Sea + War + Terra + Metal = Millennium 

Generation 3 Dragons

Generation 3 dragons are also known as rare hybrid dragons which contain different elements. Some of the age three dragons are Gummy Dragon, soccer dragon, Korean soccer dragon, fallen angel dragon etc.

Generation 4- Legendary Breeding Dragons

Legendary dragons are quite rare and get produced by breeding two pure elements or one pure another legend element. Some of the legendary dragons are Dual dragon, wind dragon, Tita dragon High priest dragon and many more.

Generation 5 Dragons/ Generation EX

Dragons of this generation are called exclusive dragons. By breeding dragons of high level, these exclusive dragons get produced. These dragons can’t be purchased in the store or by gold; hence the user has to wait a lot for obtaining these dragons. Some of the generation five dragons are – Mr Beast dragon, Thor dragon, Easter dragon, chrome dragon etc.


One can also purchase different types of the dragon through the app store as its much more convenient. However, one cannot buy the generation five dragons. As the breeding may take several hours, users can also use Breeding Rarity Booster to boost up the time of breeding dragons as well.

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