How to Add Money to Cash App Card- On a Brief Note

How to add money to cash app card

Cash App is a fantastic payment portal designed by Square Inc for smartphones in the year 2018. The popularity of this payment gateway is appreciated by the vast number of users that exceed 8 million users worldwide.

Once the user signs up for this payment portal, one can request a debit card. The debit card issued is free of cost and is known as Cash card, which has the printed signature of the user in it. This card is used for the quick transaction of funds like receiving, sending, or withdrawing money.

The cash card is directly linked with the cash app payment portal. Therefore, any amount of money present in this portal can be easily used via a cash app card. 

Adding money into your cash app debit card is quite an easy, quick, and straightforward process. The cash added can be used for sending, receiving, or withdrawing the amount from the nearest ATM. Follow the below steps to add money to the cash app card.

Adding money quickly on the cash app card – 

  1. “Cash App” can be easily downloaded from application stores like Google play store and iTunes in Android and iPhone devices. 
  2. After downloading the Cash App, open it on your phone.
  3. Locate and tap on the “My Cash” section on the home screen of the portal. This section is present on the bottom left of the screen.
  4. A new window will appear showing the amount in your account and other options like “Add cash,” “cash-out,” “Bitcoin,” “Bank account,” etc.
  5. If you haven’t added your bank account details, then make sure you add complete information of it by clicking on the “Bank account” tab.
  6. Click on “Add cash” and type the desired amount you wish to add in your cash app portal.
  7. Your desired amount will get instantly added to your application payment portal, which can be used by the cash app card.

After adding the money on the cash app payment portal, the physical debit card of this portal will also provide access to use the funds. 

Features of Cash App payment portal-

  1. Immediate blockage of the card in case of theft or losing it somewhere.
  2. Added security features like the fingerprint scanner, PIN, and OTP (one-time-password) make the portal safe and reliable to use.
  3. Frequent loyalty points, cash card rewards are an added cheerily on the top of ice cream.
  4. In case your nearest ATM charges tax for using their services, this payment portal reimburses the taxes up to $50.
  5. One can also receive or send money by this portal through cryptocurrency like Bitcoin.
  6. Free issuance of cash app debit card without any processing fees and taxes.

One needs to note that this payment portal allows only sending $250 and receiving $1000 monthly in case if the cash app account is unverified. However, after verifying the account, these restrictions are lifted, and the users also get cashback and other rewards on using the cash app debit card. Earlier, this payment portal was limited only to the US. However, it has not expanded its services in other countries too!

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