Dragon City Hack & Cheats 2021 – Unlimited Gold and Gems for Free

dragon city hack

As technology is getting closer and more accessible to us in the present day, our creativity is growing better. At the same time, people are coming up with more creative ways of spending their free time and enjoying their time together with family and friends. 

Online gaming is becoming more popular and is being embraced by many people. Online gaming is becoming an essential part of today’s generation. It has been embraced as part of life by both young and old. This is a unique way of channeling your fantasy and creativity, as well as a great source of entertainment.

Among the most popular online games is the Dragon City. The Dragon City Hack requires players to breed and take care of different species of fighter dragons. The dragons are in return expected to fight and ensure they become winners in the battlefield. 

At the same time, a player is expected to build their own universe founded on a floating island. Although all these creativity and fancy activities cannot be done in real life, they are more than possible in the gaming world. Therefore, it is time to allow the graphic 3D to take your dreams and fantasies and turn them to a partial reality. 

Why look for Dragon City Hack?

For you to succeed in the Dragon City game, you must be able to create an ecosystem that will favor the breeding and bringing up your baby dragons. Some of the essential requirements you will need in this ecosystem will be; water, food, fire, and many others. 

At the same time, you are also expected to breed and cross-breed your dragons. Once in a while, you might also be forced to buy new dragons that have specific skills that are not available in your family of dragons. 

To make all this possible, you must have enough tons of in-game currency. The currency usually comes in the form of gems and Gold Coins. Although you might be awarded free gems once in a while after achieving a certain goal, they might not be enough. Therefore, the other alternative you will be left with will be buying these tokens. 

Tips of earning free Dragon City Gems

Although some people will have no problem with buying the gems they need, it might not be easy for others. Therefore, they are either forced to wait until they win free gems or they give up after realizing they can’t afford the game. 

This should, however, not be the case anymore. This is because; there are uncountable Dragon City Hack on the internet that promise to offer unlimited Gold and Gems. Although not all the Generators can be trusted, there are many that are genuine, so there is no harm in trying. 

According to many experts, the best and most trustworthy way of getting these free Dragon City Gems isn’t through generators. You need to work hard and stop depending on shortcuts brought by Free Dragon City Generators.

However, not all of us are patient enough to earn these gems the right way. Therefore, a shortcut will do once in a while. 

Note: Getting free Gems is not easy. Therefore, you should guard them jealously. Don’t waste them on small things like; speeding up breeding, décor, hatching and farming. Let your focus always be in earning more Gems since there will come a time when you’ll desperately need them. 

There are several ways of earning free Dragon City Gems online. Some of these ways include; 

1. Log-in every day

As a way of showing your dedication, you must login to the site on a daily basis. If possible, login several times a day and you will never go wrong. 

2. Subscribe on various Dragon City’s Social Media platforms 

Remember, no matter how famous a product is, it requires to be exposed as much as possible in order to earn more users. There is no difference when it comes to online games. There are many people out there who have been looking for an exciting game that will keep them occupied 24/7. Without advertisement, these people might never come across Dragon City. 

We have got different Dragon City pages on different social media accounts. You can earn one-of Gems or even more. There are many ways you of achieving more Dragon City Hacks on different social media platforms. These methods include; 

       i. Facebook Daily Calendar 

The Facebook Daily Calendar is a reward scheme that was started on Facebook by Dragon City as from January 2019. This scheme offers the Dragon City players all kinds of rewards like; Gold, Food and Gems. All that you will need to do is to keep on checking and collecting your rewards on a daily basis. 

Still, on Facebook, there is something known as Dragon City Facebook Roulette that earns you awards if you participate in it. It’s therefore advisable to try your luck every day. Who knows, you might win more than 50 Gems at no hidden charges. 

      ii. Deus Daily Bonus

For people who have no idea what a Deus Daily is, it is a mini-game found within Dragon City Hack that works more or less like a gamble. In the Deus Daily Bonus, all you are expected to do is to select a card of your choice. You will then show the picture on this card, and your daily reward will be revealed. 

Although this is another great way of earning free Gems, it might be a challenge for players who are not online throughout. For you to see the random reshuffle of the cards, you must stay logged-in 24/7. Once the cards are reshuffled, and you participate, the win is not guaranteed. However, the good thing with this is; a win means a whopping 50 Free Gems!

    iii. Monday Reward Bonus

The third category under the social media is the Monday Reward Bonus. In this category, the play is expected to choose a button among three buttons. Every button has a reward, but the value of the rewards differs by day. Every number carries; 

Reward Number 1

In this reward, you might win Elementary Dragons, which are unique from other dragons. 

Reward Number 2

If you are lucky enough, you might be rewarded with up to 5,000 Gold Coins which will be a great boost to the gamer. 

Reward Number 3

The lucky ones on these win 5 Gems absolutely free of charge. 

3. Freebie Island 

Freebie Island is found on the mobile front. It is a platform that allows gamers to earn free Gold and Gems. These are earned by completing simple tasks like; trying out a beta App, watching videos or taking a survey. 

Freebie Island can be said to be lousy and full of special tasks and promotional offers that earn you extra Gold Coins and Gems. However, you must be keen enough to follow the given instructions to the last one if you want to get your reward. 

Note: The vendors who run Freebie Island are 3rd parties. This means you must understand their terms and conditions before engaging. 

4. Participate in Dragon City quest 

Dragon City has tried to make it easy for their fans to earn Free Gems every now and then. Another way of doing this is by completing given quests. Every quest completed guarantees you a reward of several Gems.

 At the same time, the reward goes higher with the number of quests completed. For examples, if you are awarded two Gems after completing the first quest, the second will earn you more and so forth. Therefore, never feel wasted by taking the time to complete any quest. This is because every quest opens doors for you to gain experience, and it is also a great learning curve. 

5. Experience points

These are commonly known as XP, and they are also a great way of earning free Gems. The more experience you have guarantees you more Gem wins. Leveling Up is another term used for earning experience. Leveling up is very important for a gamer as there are some Dragons that cannot get to their full potential without a certain level of experience. XP however, only earns you a single Gem at a time. 


The best way of leveling up fast is by building farms and habitats then selling them. Food is also very essential in Dragon City; hence, if you have a Big Food Farm, you’ll be on the safe side. This means another great way of Leveling up is by growing loads of food. 

Having much food doesn’t only mean well-fed dragon babies, but also you have something to sell to earn coins or to gift your friends. The secret in food growing is going for foods that grow very fast and don’t require much to harvest. Such kind of foods includes; Dragon Bells and Hot Dragon Chillies. 

6. Invite friends to play the game

As we said before, no matter how special a product is, everything requires some advertisement to win more market. Therefore, inviting your friends to Dragon City definitely earns you several Gems. The invite is sent from Dragon City’s main App. However, you’ll need to explain to your friends how they are supposed to accept the invite and request them to play the game up to Level 15 and beyond. 

7. Play Dragon City game

Dragon City game is fun and engaging. Therefore, there are loads of challenges and battles that a player can participate in for them to earn the free Gold and Gems. The best part is that the battles you win push your level higher in the game. Hence; you will be earning Gems as you build your dragon empire. 


Honors and rewards are earned by battling and winning. The Dragon League is also known as PVP, and this is where the gamer fights the dragons of other players. Every eight wins in the PVP guarantees you between 3 to 6 Gems. However, this reward is only available for players using mobile devices. 

If you are using a PC, you will have to battle and win against seven opponents to earn two Gems. Although these rewards seem insignificant, it is possible to win three battles within 6 hours. Therefore, if you can win all your daily battles, you will earn 8 Gems every day and a total of about 56 Gems weekly. Each league has a total of 400 battles. 

8. Gems as gift

If you have a good relationship with your friends, you can request them to gift you with Gems. If you desperately need help, your friends can save you out by gifting you things like Gold, Foods and even Gems. 

9. Touching Jewelem’s Tower 

Once you reach Level 12, you will unlock Jewelem’s Tower’s icon. This icon is made up of jewels. Therefore, all that a player needs to do to earn a reward of a single Gem every 24 hours is to touch it. 

10. Completion of the Dragon Book Collection 

Dragon City always rewards avid fandom who can complete a collection that is according to the Dragon Book. Once a gamer manages to complete their Dragon Book Collection, they should be ready for a Gem. 

11. Play and win tournament 

Every tournament won guarantees you two free Gems. Depending on your dragon, it is possible to have two tournaments in a day which means 2 Gems in a day if the tournaments are won. Another determinant is the cool-off period you are given before getting into another tournament. 


Many internet generators claim to give you free Gems free of charge. All these generators are a scam. They will steal your personal information, and at the same time, they might have you banned from Dragon City Hack. 

Dragon City  is a great way of spending your free time as well as enjoying your time with friends. If you can genuinely play this game and earn your rewards through hard work, your victory will be more satisfying. 

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