Geometry Dash Hack and Cheats :- Get Unlimited Coins and Stars

Geometry Dash hack

Geometry Dash is an android game that was developed in Sweden by a Swedish developer known as Robert Topala. The game was published by Robert Topala’s company, known as RobTop Games. Geometry Dash game comes in a series of 5 video games.

The first game which is Geometry Dash is a rhythm-based platform game, and currently, it has 21 official levels, but the game creation system has over 50 million levels, which have been created by players.

Every official level has unique background music. Apart from the background music, the official levels also feature “map packs,” secret vaults, featured levels and gauntlets.

They also feature “Hall of Fame” levels, weekly demons, daily levels, quests, and create scores of players based on creator points, stars, and between friends. This is without mentioning the variety of game modes and icons available at every level.

A Geometry Dash Hack is there to make the game more interesting for the player as it helps you bypass several stages. Many of the tokens won on the game are only rewarded to the players once he or she achieves a particular milestone.

However, with the Geometry Dash Hacks, you are able to win all these tokens with just a few steps quickly.

How to Play Geometry Dash game

Geometry Dash game uses keyboard, touch-screen, mouse or controller depending on the version of the device you are using. You can press anywhere on the touchscreen to control different vehicles while holding down interacts with certain vehicles constantly.

Controlling the speed at which an icon is moving is not possible. The rhythm and the timing of the in-game music are also major parts of the game, and they relate to each other.

The objective of the Geometry Dash game is completing a level which is done when you reach the end of it. If the play accidentally crashes into an obstacle, he/she is expected to start that level all over again until they get to the end.

The player can change their character up to a total of seven separate forms. Each character behaves differently with every interaction. Seven portals also change the vehicle the character takes, and each portal has a different color.

The player can also change the behaviour of these modes further. For example, they can add a second-player character or reverse the game view. This means that the player’s creativity and their expertise in the game is what determines how long they will remain in the game.

The more creative you are, the more you will be able to navigate around the game, and the more you will enjoy playing it.

The game initially had six free levels, and the level started increasing with time. At the moment, we have approximately 21 official levels, and 18 of them are already unlocked. The remaining three are unlocked using the resources you are rewarded with when you win the other levels. The fact that a gamer can start playing on any order has made it more interesting to play.

As indicated before, this game has 21 official levels, and 18 among the 21 levels are unlocked at the beginning of the game. Every time a player completes a certain level, they are granted some rewards.

Every level features 3 secret coins which the player uses to unlock the locked levels. These levels are classified by difficulty and the number of stars given in each difficulty varies. The higher the level, the more stars you receive.

The fun thing about Geometry Dash Game is the fact that you can play the game starting from any order. There are also some rewards won in the game, and the player can convert these achievements into rewards if need be. The game also features an in-game currency known as “mana orbs” which the player collects through completing levels.

The paid full version features make it possible for the player to upload and download user-created levels. Robert Topala is the one responsible for determining the difficultly setting. It can also be determined by the creator of that particular level, the player or moderators who are allowed to add more levels to the game.

Although many games have a certain age limit, the Geometry Dash game is safe to play for children from any age. As long as the child understands how the game is played and how to navigate around it, then they are free to enjoy the game. Geometry Dash doesn’t have any explicit or adult content, and this explains one of the reasons for its popularity.

Can Geometry Dash game be hacked?

Geometry Dash features a practice mode that which is usable on any level. The practice mode allows the player to restart at automatically or manually placed checkpoints as an alternative of starting at the very beginning. It is not possible to officially finish a level at the practice mode, although completing the level here might earn you some rewards.

Many people wish they could get a Geometry Dash Hack that would enable them to bypass some of the processes of winning and unlocking the three locked levels. Paying to play might also be a big challenge for many people, especially teenagers and youths who depend on their parents for survival.

For this reason, many innovators saw it helpful to come up with a cheat that would be of help to their fans.

Although several levels are free to play, other more intense levels need to be paid for. Once you are through playing the free levels, you would wish to get the paid version.

This might, however, be a bit challenging considering it is not a one-off thing. Therefore, you need a solution that will sustain you in the game without having to pay for it. This is why the Geometry Dash Hack is that important.

The best Geometry Dash Hack is very easy to use and involves very simple steps just as listed below;

  • Open the generator 

You can access the Hack Generator tool by following its URL or searching it on Google.

  • Press the Hack it Now icon

Once you have opened the Generator, select the Hack it Now icon to start the hacking process.

  • Wait for initialization 

The Hack initialization process might take time; therefore, you need to be patient until the initialization process is done.

  • Enter your username

Most of the time, the username is usually your email address. You can decide to use your regular email or open a different one for gaming purposes only. Whichever way you decide to go, always be sure that your information will always be secure.

  • Enter the intended resources

Once you’ve entered your username, the next step is to key-in the needed resources.

  • Activate the hack

The last process is to activating the hack process to receive the resources you selected above.

Why use the hack tool?

The process is very fast as it takes less than two minutes at most to generate the required resources. At the same time, there are no hidden charges in using the tool as it is free of charge.

The tool is at the same time, 100% safe as the developers use their proxies. This means they don’t depend on third-party proxy service providers to protect their users.

Whether you decide to use your regular email or a different email for gaming purposes, you information will remain secure as nobody can be able to access it. At the same time, the developers have ensured that the instructions that need to be followed are straight forward and easy to understand.

When choosing a hack tool, until it is very necessary, and there is no other option, it is important to ensure that we don’t download apps in our devices.

If you must download a new app into your device, ensure that it is safe and compatible to ensure that you don’t end with more losses than gains. This is because; you might make a mistake and download a virus in the process of downloading hack tools.


Many players who have been in the gaming industry for a long time feel the use of cheats and hacks is a strategy used by inexperienced players.

Although there is some truth in this, it highly depends on the cheats and hacks being sorted by a player. For example, a player might decide to seek for hacks since they are not able to pay for different resources needed to sustain a player.

At the same time, some people need hack tools to enable them to enjoy different levels in a game as it is the case with the Geometry Dash Hack Tool.

Therefore, you should never feel guilty about using hack tools. Many of the hack tools are there to make a player better and not a sign of weakness.

However, not all hack tools are worth your time and attention, and it is essential to be careful before you choose a hack tool.